Remote Collection Lab Testing

Why send patients or employees in to a lab to for a blood draw to monitor chronic conditions or to aid in biometric screening when a specimen collection kit containing FDA-approved devices could be mailed to their home for remote sample collection?

MiroDX is developing this state-of-the-art, customizable alternative to lab testing which can help take the cost out of care while improving patient experience.

The collection kits are user-friendly and allow for dried blood spot on paper, dried urine spot or saliva sample to get return mailed from anywhere in the world to one of our high complexity CLIA labs. 

MiroDX can work with your organization to create curated panels including:

Customized biometric wellness panel

Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes panels

Comprehensive metabolic panel

Kidney health panel

Thyroid health panel

Obesity panel

Work with MiroDX to design a custom panel for your organization.